Why Jusya?


As a kid I always loved to tell stories – stories that would interest people and help them realize something useful. When I was at school, I always used to teach a bunch of my friends about concepts which they usually struggled to grasp well. And I myself used to spend a great deal of my time thinking and teaching. When I was learning math, I would think like a mathematician. Simply reading and learning something on the surface from a book never interested me. I would like to think and realize things on my own or at least understand from the ground-up how someone else created something useful that’s worth learning. Good grades and high scores are something I never asked for however, they seemed to be taken care of with my approach to learning. I always learned for the joy of learning and the value it brings to life – to my life and to the lives of the people around me.

Need of the world now

I kept teaching for many years; however, I had all these questions in my mind – am I teaching just for the amusement of my freaking logical mind? Or am I really adding value to help someone live better? In other words, am I teaching because I am good at it and I enjoy it? Or do people really need what I am trying to do? For the next few years I spent a lot of time trying to find answers for the later question. I am so surprised to see the kinds of problems and stress students and their parents go through in the name of modern education. I see problems not because of a lot of learning but, because the core aspects of learning are lost! People no longer seem to focus on real learning – learning with involvement and learning something for a better life. I understand there is competition in education but, that certainly shouldn’t be the reason you should learn something. What value is it if a student is made to seek gratification from the failure of fellow students? I think it’s time we orient education for a better purpose and learn something with involvement.

This realization made me not want to wait any more and one day I decided to spend the rest of my life in helping people learn better and for a better reason.

Experience ‘learning with fun and involvement’

Most of the problems students face academically are because, they are made to learn something without really enjoying it or without really realizing why they are learning. So, they get carried away and get lost thinking scoring good grades and doing better than most of your peers is the purpose of education. Or some students try to do well and manage to get just good enough grades to satisfy the demands of the schools and parents.

Doing something with involvement is what makes life more beautiful. And the process of learning is no exception to it. Students get more involved in learning only if it’s fun to learn. We at Jusya focus on these aspects of involvement and fun as much as possible. Every little thing that we teach, we always ask a question to ourselves – can we make it more fun and have students learn this with more involvement? We use various different tools and techniques- both traditional and modern to achieve this. Some of them to name include Origami, Structured drawing, 3D Modeling, Experiments, Software Gaming, Group projects, Discussion boards etc.

Giving is a part of what we are

Giving to us is as much of a need as taking. After all, any business is ultimately for human wellbeing. So, apart from offering regular educational services, we try to help as many students as possible via financial support and community educational services. A part of the fee students pay to Jusya goes to sponsoring underprivileged students for their academic and living expenses. Usually, for every 10 students Jusya offers services to, there is at least one student who we support. We also sometimes offer free courses for underprivileged students.


Aravind Murari,

Founder, Jusya Education Private Limited.

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